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Cogniflex Review:- Why these legal smart drugs are popular among many amateur athletes, especially amateur athletes: quickly bring you up, you will feel a new surge of energy, mental functions are intensified, coordinated movements will be more under control. And if you choose correctly, can have a positive relationship with the product on your stamina. Athletes use Cogniflex either before the performance or during the time when they feel that they will soon experience power.



However, athletes and students must think that brain nutrients can not replace sleep, rest, good nutrition and training! Only help to make a perfect performance and delaying fatigue. In addition, as with all products that affect our bodily functions, may not be on our specific formulation to act exactly according to instructions, it is always very practical.


What is Cogniflex?

Cogniflex, the brain nutrient is a phenomenon of recent years, which are so strongly oriented to a perfect performance and efficiency of all human activities. It is already known and used by our forefathers – that region, not only in different manners, but also nutrient. It helps maintain and improve alertness hunting, in combat or in an extremely demanding job. The positive effects on the body are always subject to the contents of the complex of active substances. At present, they are widely used as nutrients of plant origin and synthetic preparations.


Cogniflex can be purchased as in some pharmacies and even in health food stores or in stores with food supplements and sports nutrition. Range of products is varied; from the above purely natural means after the nutrients produced industrially. Cogniflex is opposed to actual drug or psychotropic relatively safe and non-addictive, single supplements must be approved by the Ministry of Health and the National Health Institute.



How does Cogniflex works?

So how can it work? Cogniflex increases cerebral blood flow, thus allowing richer oxygen supply of brain cells, brain nutrients and the regeneration efficiency and the nerve cells (neurons) and stimulating level transmitters nerve impulses (neurotransmitters). However, even with its use, you should follow the recommended dosage, overdose, although usually not fatal, but some negative side effects may appear. For example, in the enjoyment of very high dose, some have been reported headaches, muscle pain, stomach, nervousness, nausea, etc. Experts and manufacturers point out that brain nutrients are designed physically and mentally healthy persons. In specific cases, however, it is also used on the recommendations and under expert supervision as supportive therapeutic preparation for example, when fatigue syndrome, depression, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease etc.


The research on Cogniflex

Although still nowhere in the world, there did not take place comprehensive research on the prevalence of different types of legal and illegal drugs used for educational purposes, offered on online shops. “Looking rational psychiatrist who would give me prescribed Ritalin,” a college student writes. “Ideally, takes me on a bad mood, better for him to concentrate, I’m calmer, I’m thinking. How about you sometimes have to give amphetamines (mostly methamphetamine) or cocaine, which is not good, focused much of anything.”


Cogniflex can be used for children with attention disorders. Some experts, however, point to its overuse – doctors currently taking this substance in its composition similar to methamphetamine or cocaine, for example, 10% of all American children!


As you can see, the effect of Cogniflex is at least debatable. Most people would definitely consider it in terms of learning to be inappropriate, some cognitive functions of the brain rather worse.


Cogniflex directly affects the function of brain cells, helps to improve learning, has a positive effect on memory and alertness as healthy as patients with functional disorders of the brain. It stimulates neurotransmission and metabolic processes in the brain that reduce blood clotting and improves blood circulation in the brain. It is designed for school-age children, adolescents and adults. Used to treat early stages of senile dementia, prevention and treatment of senile and traumatic disorders thought to facilitate learning and improve memory by dyslexia, for the treatment of cognitive impairment following an stroke even as its prevention. The product can also be used to treat vertigo, withdrawal symptoms in alcoholics to treat sickle cell anemia.



Precautions when taking Cogniflex

Cogniflex should not be used in patients with hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients, pre-school children, pregnant and lactating women, patients with severe renal impairment and patients with a history of bleeding in the brain occurred. Furthermore Cogniflex is not suitable for patients who are receiving concomitant medication with thyroid extracts. The most common side effects when taking include excessive and often spontaneous mobility, nervousness, somnolence, weight gain, depression, weakness. Occasionally may experience dizziness, stomach problems, insomnia, headaches, epilepsy, anxiety, confusion, hallucinations. The total daily dosage is individual and depends directly on the disease being treated, will generally be administered per day depending on the indication and the clinical picture of the disease. When taking Cogniflex as supportive treatment in children and adolescents in disorders of reading and writing always defines the dispensing doctor, usually serves 2 × 2 tablets daily or 2 x daily 1 tablet twice a day. The tablets should be swallowed with sufficient fluid. Between doses is necessary to keep a distance of at least 4 hours. Without consulting your doctor do not take longer than 8 weeks. In the case of side effects or unusual reactions, consult further with your doctor or pharmacist.


Smart drug is a slang definition of the concept of nootropic substances. Marking drugs “drugs” is a bit misleading because it evokes associations with something that is dangerous and harmful. Brain nutrients and neurotransmitters are not addictive drugs; they are not drugs, as understood by the public. Brain neurotransmitters are substances that can directly or after conversion in the body pass into the brain, where it affects the quality of nutrition neurons or activate their activities, or supplement levels of some of them necessary for the perfect diet.


The extension, at least under certain conditions, in increments of learning processes, as well as the resistance of learned behavior against factors that can harm; facilitating the flow of information between the two brain hemispheres, partial extension of the general protection of the brain against the physical or chemical damage; increase the effectiveness of cortical and sub-cortical strengthen control mechanisms and absence of the usual negative effects of psychotropic substances.


What does Cogniflex mean in practice?

Previously Cogniflex was used in the treatment of the effects of brain injuries, stroke and acute poisoning. Today, however, it is thanks to favorable effects and minimal (almost zero) adverse effects of Cogniflex use among the general society from students to doctors, scientists, managers. It acts on the cognitive function of the brain, such as attention, learning ability, memory and other abilities. In Europe, there are not so popular, but in America it is regularly used by tens of millions of people. Vitamin B has much more negative effects than nootropics. Moreover, it is almost impossible to overdose. Cogniflex cause amplification of electrical brain arousal, increasing the overall effect here substances having a similar effect submitted at the same time. This can extend the positive effect of depressants.


Cogniflex also positively affects the psychological balance, reduce fatigue, depression, and increase sexual desire. This is done mainly by promoting the formation of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is one of the major neurotransmitters. Enables communication between individual synapses in the brain and thus affects emotions, memory, pain, sleep etc. The brain synthesizes serotonin from tryptophan, amino acids which get into the body of food (grape sugar, various dietary supplements).


Cogniflex is the original substance for which there is described effects, which are known as nootropic. Its primary effect is to improve supply of oxygen to the brain, improves glucose metabolism in the brain, and increases cerebral blood flow (by lowering blood viscosity). Penetrates rapidly into the brain, is not metabolized and is excreted unchanged in the urine does. It helps e.g. in Alzheimer’s disease, or patients to detoxification. Its secondary and generally adverse effects are absolutely negligible. At higher doses, on the contrary, it causes fatigue and sleepiness.


The dose of Cogniflex

Cogniflex starts working after about two weeks. Man wearing it probably recognizes a higher concentration and better consideration of the issue. It is available over the counter under the name Cogniflex. Of course it is preferable / cheaper to buy, one bottle lasts about a month. Although, it is recommended daily dose of 3 times daily 1 tablet, but if you want to really feel the effects, you have to take about twice as much. It is true that it can be difficult to overdose on (do not know if it is possible), but in large doses it should not be used in people with poor kidney function.


Cogniflex supports power and power-endurance performance, reduces acute fatigue, increases concentration and function of the intellect, reduces overweight and hunger, stimulates brain activity, accelerate mental regeneration, promotes sexual activity and reduces the risk of a drop in blood pressure.


Cogniflex, the most effective brain stimulant

Cogniflex is the most effective brain stimulant known for creation of acetylcholine, transmitter of nerve impulses between nerve cells. Supports the ability of cells to utilize taken oxygen, improves mood, promotes sleep quality, reduces fatigue, stimulates ability to perceive, improves memory, concentration ability in stress and increases intellect.


It activates the production and amplifies the effect of the brain is forming endogenous opioids, so called endorphins (substances inducing a feeling of well-being). It is successful in dealing with depression and anxiety, strengthens effects of vitamins, antioxidants and plant extracts.


Cogniflex is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter and activator of metabolism. Induces a state of relaxation, regeneration and supports the formation of muscle mass, improves the quality of persistence and ability to perform force by increasing the burning of fat for energy. Stabilizes blood pressure, suppresses pain, and reduces the risk of muscle cramps.


Cogniflex promotes metabolic energy

It is the best among the compounds promoting metabolic energy. Quickly and efficiently converts fat into energy, easily penetrates into the brain, where it participates in creation of acetylcholine, promotes regeneration of the brain, reducing the negative impact of stress and fatigue.


It contains other substances that promote the regeneration and concentration etc. The longer you use it, the more it will show its positive effects. Firmly grasp, and away from your body break the tip. You may prefer to mix it in a multivitamin drinks and drink. You will never felt any negative side effects; however you may have sleepiness decreased at doses.


Cogniflex is strong, stimulant to encourage and anti-stress based on natural substances and extracts of rare plants. Its main effects: relieves fatigue and exhaustion, evokes a feeling of comfort and satisfaction, reduces stress and anxiety, improves physical performance, stimulates thought and speed of decision making, memory supports and facilitates learning, improves concentration and alertness.


The substances contained are very important for the proper function of our body and all are essential to our lives. They are required in the processes of the human body more than any other vitamin. They are responsible for the production of hormone, neurotransmitter, blood cells, enzyme, and prostaglandin. Above all, they are necessary in the serotonin production.

Package and Price

Previously, Cogniflex helped bring maximum performance in borderline situations (combat, hunting), but unlike currently used to often a matter of life and death, as well as the quality of later life. Smart drugs bolsters its user to quickly and feel a new surge of energy and vigor, improves mental functions – memory, attention, concentration, motor coordination and endurance will work better. Set objective can be achieved by using them more easily, more efficiently, maybe even faster. Athletes will help bring better performance, facilitate student preparation for a demanding test manager facilitates long and mentally exhausting negotiations. Some types of brain nutrients surprisingly also help to regenerate. Currently you can purchase Cogniflex with following packaging and pricing along with special supplements combining several different brain nutrients and other auxiliary substances and vitamins. (Intentionally do not mention names, of course.)


  • One bottle – $48 each
  • Three bottles – $32 each
  • Five bottles – $28.80 each




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