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There are many substances that affect the perception of reality and, therefore, subjective perception of time. They are chemical compounds of various biological properties that affect the human central nervous system (CNS). These substances are just for its action called psychotropic or psychoactive substances, and most are used in known drugs. There are countless, some of which is Brain R8. There are several different cutting drugs according to various criteria. Medicine is divided into CNS stimulants, CNS depressants (substances absorbing operation), and hallucinogens. Furthermore, there are a number of psychotropic drugs, which are used by psychiatrists who have many specific effects used in therapy. Stimulants are substances that excite the CNS and the body even though they would normally each felt fatigue. Through these effects are widely used on many occasions, but mostly everyone is all about suppressing fatigue, or are taken for the purpose of entertainment. To this group belong many substances; Brain R8 is among the most popular. Almost all of us got at least once in contact with any of them. The main representatives of these compounds are caffeine, cocaine, and amphetamines.


Brain R8 improves neural connections in the brain

Generally, the substances such as caffeine or lecithin, referred to as a stimulant. But the Brain R8 is also another substance which directly improves the formation and function of neural connections in the brain. Brain R8 can be used with addition of lecithin for example, the piracetam and pyritinol. They belong to the group of cognitive or smart drugs. The use of Brain R8 should be – if ever – done under the control of a physician experienced in the treatment. The physician must also be aware of the mental and physical condition of the individual for prescription cognitive and products to improve memory or thinking.

As shown by medical studies, the effect of Brain R8 on the brain of a healthy person is more or less controversial. In people with brain damage – either stroke or some form of dementia, injury, minimal brain dysfunction in children, post-traumatic epilepsy, and encephalitis after or during delirium – justified and have a good effect.

As regards other OTC drugs to enhance brain function – Brain R8 is, that is sold as dietary and brain supplements – Brain R8 is basically safe. It usually contains guarana, lecithin, vitamins, and extracts of gingko-biloba or other plants. Given that it is only a dietary supplement, guarantee their effectiveness. But it will not hurt and may even help. It is noted that in the drug-containing extract from Ginkgo biloba-stable form is shown as a positive effect on vascular function and cerebral circulation and metabolism of nervous tissue.


Brain R8 stimulate both brain and body

The substances present in the preparations of Brain R8 are to stimulate the brain but also in other parts of the body. It accelerates regeneration, and increases the body’s resistance. For the brain, it is important because it improves the functioning of the nervous system. Brain R8 affects proper brain development in newborns. It affects more biochemical reactions. It cause strong blood circulation, which is used to improve muscle nutrition, accelerates regeneration and delaying fatigue. Higher amounts but deteriorates uric acid metabolism in individuals prone to weight gain, which may lead to days. It increases oxygenation of molecules in the brain.

Brain R8 can also be used for example in some forms of disorders of memory and thinking, acute disorders of consciousness after head injury. It improves glucose utilization in the brain. Brain needs mainly two essential substances for its correct functioning, namely glucose as a basic source of energy and oxygen. The body also always favors the nutrition of the brain and maintains its basic functions. Brain R8 among others dilate blood vessels and accelerate blood flow – including the brain.

Brain R8 for people with nervous system disorder

Brain R8 improves attention, perception, orientation, motivation and sociability, but not directly to memory functions. The effect of Brain R8 is investigated in people with diseases of the central nervous system or its impaired metabolism. In healthy people, their effect little or no equals, and the placebo effect – that is, the man has a sense of improvement, but it is usually just a psychological effect. It should not be taken without consulting a doctor, despite the fact that they are freely sold. Brain R8 can be used for long-term use by some people to lose efficiency, and this leads to an increase in benefits. Its action may disturb or amplify any other medication and must be careful about drug interactions, and you can not underestimate either the side effects of herbal medicines.

How Brain R8 stimulates the brain?

An aging man who feels that his psychic power is decreasing, while not suffering from any form of dementia? Recommended preparation of Brain R8 is with lecithin, vitamins B and E. The preparations may also contain an extract of ginkgo biloba or other plants with stimulant effect on the brain. If one has diabetes, it also helps honey and plenty of fruits and vegetables. It is important enough social interaction, physical exercise. Brain R8 supports memory and learning, improves brain function and protects it from damage by free radicals. Most often prescribed to people suffering from memory disorders, after injuries and surgeries of the brain or obsolete after a stroke. Brain nutrition in Brain R8 are substances which are endogenous (normally arise in the body) origin and have various effects. The perception of time and space at any psychotropic substance intoxication is variously modified. For hallucinogen substances the effect is maximized. Brain R8 allows us to hike into the heart of our soul, with little opportunity for targeted control of our conscious experiences. Ordinary reality is totally collapse and our mind on a journey into the imaginary world of our imagination. We can browse the Garden of Eden in the depths of our souls or even closer look, or possibly enter even beyond the gates of hell. Most of the experiences associated with the use of Brain R8 is influenced by momentary moods mental and physical organism, the action of the external environment and less by our experiences and memories stored in our memory, though somewhere deep in the subconscious. Brain R8 effect exhibits many substances.


Brain R8 treats pathological fatigue

Brain R8 is used to treat pathological fatigue. A healthy person can keep the full 90 hours without waking fatigue, which occurs after caffeine or amphetamines. The pharmaceutical industry brings promising discoveries in the field of receptors and agents that specifically enhance memory and some of them have really promising preclinical evaluation. So why are we all not going long in cognitive enhancers? The location is also a bit of caution, toying with memory could lead to remember the experiences that our minds are trying to displace; post-traumatic stress could thus be their unpleasant side effects. People take drugs since the beginning of its existence. Brain R8 is considered a versatile drug and the means to unwind and relax. In the past, it was approved despite the protest of many people and opposition to the new president, imperfect amendment to the law on drugs. It plays an important role in ritual connection with deities, although is use as a medicine or ointment for a spiritual, meditative, euphoric and relaxing purpose was mostly taboo. In total, we can say that the beneficial use of Brain R8 passes through two stages: stage compactness and anxiety and stage of euphoria and inner bliss. In this second stage, some are doing very childish, nonsensical things they do and sometimes they become laughter. This good mood sometimes goes in the casing, and physical and mental hangover. Pleasure does not satisfy character rather pure satisfaction, as after the good news or success. The senses are sometimes sharpened by Brain B8, especially hearing and taste.

Brain R8, a depressant

Now we move on to the awareness from the beginning. Smart drugs are belongs to the category of chemicals called psychotropic drugs. Depressant, Brain R8 is non-toxic and can include a number of preparations. Brain R8 has a most commonly used substance called piracetam. Often piracetam bark is administered in combination with choline. Piracetam is also produced and is available under various trade names. Why Brain R8 has long offer at a convenience store at the box office or at every gas pump? Although across Europe, it is used routinely, there are some countries, where this substance is not approved for sale in general. Doubters either highlight the apparently biased study on the effects of Brain R8, or to express directly very laconically. USA in this respect is a very strange country. With us you can prescribe Brain R8 even to yourself – in consultation with your doctor. If your medicine man is non-European conservative, change doctors!

Brain R8, the best known and widely used drug

There is biggest hit among smart drugs, the best known and most widely used smart drug in the world is Brain R8. It improves memory and learning when there is cognitive power in case of hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Medically it is used for patients with senile dementia, dizziness for alcoholics and others. Subjective feelings of many people describe similarly: you wake up the brain. As a chemical analogue of gamma-amino acid (GABA), Brain R8 supports the flow of information between the two brain hemispheres. It is known that communication between the two halves of the brain associated with flashes of creativity. It also favorably affects the metabolism of the nerve cells, during stress conditions enhances the utilization of glucose and oxygen, increases cerebral blood flow and improves the flow properties of blood (decreases its viscosity and thereby enables easier flow of blood vessels). When taking Brain R8, you may experience increased physical activity, sleep disorders, insomnia or drowsiness, anxiety, nervousness, depressed mood, aggression, increased libido and sexual arousal. The effect of Brain R8 increases concomitant intake of choline.


It helps memorization and thought processes

PC is the active ingredient in Brain R8 and has all the mentioned forms of the strongest effect on improving memory. It increases the production of acetylcholine, required for memorization and other thought processes. It has another positive effect, serves as a structural material for every cell of the human body. Further helps in fat metabolism and treated blood cholesterol. In order to convert choline to acetylcholine should be taken each day also one gram of vitamin B5. If you buy a packet of 3 bottles for 123.83 dollars, 5 bottles for 159.95 dollars), you do not have to eat Vitamin B5, because it is already included in this product. It enhances the availability of dopamine that acts as a MAO-B inhibitor. It has the same effect as an aphrodisiac (particularly among men) and is known as a substance used to increase the tactility (sense of touch). In Europe for many years, it is used to treat Parkinson’s disease. In experimental animals twice prolongs life. The dose for people over 35 years of age is 1 tablet per week, with people over 45 are 2-3 tablets a week, but when taking Brain R8, do not take more than one tablet a day. Patients with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s take two tablets a day.

It is a natural metabolic steron composed of cholesterol. It is the most common steron in human blood, but the aging of its values ​​in the blood decreases. Research has shown that there is a parallel between declining immune system and reduced levels of steron. This substance is also used to fight HIV, cancer and senile dementia. It is also known that it helps make synapses in the brain. The most controversial is that it is used against obesity.

Package, price and dose

Dosage: Brain R8 is sold in bottle containing 30 capsules, over the counter and available in most pharmacies, 57.95$). The usual daily dose is 1 capsule per day (depending on the mental stress and effect desired). The effect is manifested after 30-60 minutes. It is not toxic. It has improved Aniracetam effect. It improves memory recall, and response details. In comparison with other smart drugs, it takes less (compared in mg per kg body weight). Normal dosage is 1 to 2 capsules daily. Some argue that it has the best effect on the memory of all of the smart drugs. It is known that it is more effective than others compared mg per kg body weight. It is powerful depressants with similar structure as other known ones. It has a greater effect on the spontaneous memory and alertness.




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